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Having issues with your headset going to sleep?

If you’re having trouble with your headset (HMD) going to sleep while using Bigscreen to watch a movie, TV show or other content, it’s possible Steam is trying to reduce its power usage automatically and turning off your headset.

Here’s how to disable this so you’re able to enjoy movies without your VR headset going black:

Option 1: Steam Overlay

  • Put on your headset
  • Press the menu button on your controller to bring up the Steam overlay
  • Choose settings at the bottom of the overlay
  • Choose Power Management
  • Set Turn off displays to Never
  • Set Turn off controllers to Never
  • Exit the overlay, and open Bigscreen!

Option 2: Steam VR

This method means Steam will no longer have control over your headset’s ability to sleep at all – use with caution!

  • Open Steam VR
  • Visit Settings, then click Developer
  • Click Disable Power Management
  • Close Steam VR, then close Steam
  • Start Bigscreen again

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