We do not have internship or co-op positions. We do not work with external recruiters, agencies, or development shops.

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Announcing our $11 million Series A funding. Read about our mission and plan for the future in our blog post and the Wall Street Journal

Our Culture

We're a fully remote company without a physical office. Instead, we use tools like email, Slack, Skype, Trello, and Bigscreen itself to collaborate together. Our founding mission is to build computing and collaboration tools in VR/AR. One use case is a "virtual office" that enables remote teams to work together in a shared space. Dogfooding Bigscreen helps us accomplish that mission.

We coordinate with weekly meetings and 1:1s, and the whole team meets in-person at least every 2-3 months. Our flexible culture enables you to work whenever and wherever you feel the most productive. Although we work very hard and care deeply about what we do, we measure your output, not the number of hours you work.

What We Look For

As an early stage startup, you'll wear many hats, have many responsibilities, and get to work on many areas of the product. You should have a core area of expertise and an interest in learning, exploring, and improving.

We look for people that are hard working, independent, intrinsically motivated, curious, and have worked remotely before on small teams, startups, or indie game studios. We care about your side projects, hacks, prototypes, and experiments.

Benefits & Perks

We're not your typical Silicon Valley startup. We don't have silly perks like microkitchens or barbershops. However, we do want to make you comfortable and offer a range of important perks from healthcare to hardware. Let us know what you care about, and we'll make it happen.