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How to play any game in 3D

With Bigscreen you're able to play movies and games in 3D without additional glasses or equipment, but you can play many non-3D games by converting them into 3D on your machine as well. Follow these steps and you'll be able to get a game to feel like it's fully 3D. Adding 3D effects to non-3D games is hit-and-miss, but it's _awesome_ when it works -- we particularly recommend Rocket League, which works really well. To get started: - Download and install Tridef 3D's free trial - Run the "screen setup" at the end of the installer - Choose SBS 3D, click next - Launch Tridef 3D from your start menu - Click "game" in the SBS videw that opens - Fire up Bigscreen, grab your VR headset E:\Steam\steamapps\common\rocketleague\Binaries\Win32\RocketLeague.exe

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