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Desktop Audio streaming with Voicemeeter Banana

In multiplayer rooms, your friends can see your avatar, voice chat, and see your desktop screen. However, if you're watching a movie on your desktop screen, you'll want your friends to hear the audio from your computer as well. To enable this, you need to setup desktop audio streaming.

Install Voicemeeter Banana

Sharing your desktop audio to friends in Bigscreen requires Voicemeeter Banana, a free third-party app that creates virtual audio devices. This enables Bigscreen to filter audio sources to avoid echo.

Download (16.68MB)

After installing, restart your PC and you're ready to go! Bigscreen automatically opens and configures Voicemeeter and your Windows Sound setup. You don't need to use the Voicemeeter interface.

Starting a desktop audio stream

Join or create a room, and click the Desktop Audio icon. If Voicemeeter Banana is installed properly, the popup will say Start. If it says "Install Guide", Voicemeeter has not been installed properly. Please reinstall Voicemeeter Banana.

Tips for common issues

Make sure you restart your PC after installing Voicemeeter Banana

If Bigscreen still prompts you to "setup" Voicemeeter, reinstall Voicemeeter. This is caused by a bad installation that doesn't correctly configure registry keys, and reinstalling Voicemeeter a second time fixes this issue.

If your audio sounds garbled, make sure your Windows Sound Device is set to 44.1 kHz sample rate.

Having more issues?

We recommend posting in the Bigscreen Steam Forums, or checking the r/bigscreen subreddit. You can also email us at