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Cannot see screens in Bigscreen

These are some of the likely reasons why you cannot see screens in Bigscreen

Are you on a laptop with Nvidia Optimus?

Many "VR Ready" laptops unfortunately have a power saving "feature" called Nvidia Optimus. This hardware/technical limitation causes poor performance and prevents Bigscreen from displaying the screen.

This includes MSI "GS" laptops, Alienware R2/R3/R4 laptops, and Razer Blade laptops.

We are working hard on a technical solution for this issue. Expect Bigscreen to work properly on all laptops by May 2017.

Until then, here's a workaround: you can see a screen in Bigscreen if you plug in an external monitor to your laptop, or use a headless ghost device to emulate a virtual monitor. You can also try disabling Nvidia Optimus in your graphics control panel or BIOS, but that is unlikely to work.

Is your monitor plugged into the motherboard?

Bigscreen will only show you monitors that are plugged into the same graphics card as your VR headset. Your motherboard's video port will use the integrated graphics card, not your dedicated graphics card. Make sure your VR headset and your monitor(s) are plugged into the dedicated graphics card, and not your motherboard.

Do you have multiple GPUs?

Bigscreen doesn't yet support Crossfire/SLI or multiple GPUs. Bigscreen will not show you monitors that are plugged into other graphics cards. Only monitors that are plugged into the same graphics card as your VR headset will appear. Support for multiple GPUs is coming in a few months.

If the app crashes or if the above reasons do not apply to you, you can email us for help.

Having more issues?

We recommend posting in the Bigscreen Steam Forums, or checking the r/bigscreen subreddit. You can also email us at