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Netflix and Hulu, can hear audio but cannot see video

Trying to watch Netflix or Hulu in Bigscreen? You can see the video working fine on your desktop, but in VR in Bigscreen, you can only hear the audio and you cannot see the video? Do you just see a black screen? Here's why.

Windows 10 DRM is blocking Netflix and Hulu

If you are using the Netflix Windows 10 app, or watching Netflix or Hulu in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge browsers, and you try to watch that in Bigscreen, you will see a black screen in VR. The video is playing normally on your physical monitor, but Bigscreen cannot show you the video in VR. This is because of DRM restrictions that Netflix/Microsoft have added into Internet Explorer/Edge/Windows 10.

Solution: use Chrome or Firefox

Open or using the Chrome or Firefox browser instead. These browsers do not have DRM and will let you watch any content in Bigscreen in VR

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