Founded in 2014, Bigscreen is a California-based startup creating an immersive virtual reality telepresence platform that aims to revolutionize the way people work, play, hangout, and collaborate.

Use cases of Bigscreen include both entertainment and productivity. It's used as a virtual living room to watch movies, play videogames, browse the web, and hangout with friends. It's also used for productivity as a tool for remote teams to collaborate together in virtual offices.

Since the beta launch in March 2016, Bigscreen has become one of the most popular and highest rated VR apps on the Oculus Store and has an incredible 93% positive rating on Steam. Power users spend 20-30 hours per week in Bigscreen, making it one of the most widely used "killer apps" in the industry.

We aren’t building a content company or a gaming company. We aren’t building the “metaverse” and our goal is not to build a social network. Instead, we aim to build useful tools that enable users to use existing content, apps, and games in VR, and to socialize and hangout in a shared VR space with their friends and coworkers. 

Bigscreen is approaching a specific question: how will VR and AR headsets change the way we use our computers?


Darshan Shankar – Founder & CEO
Darshan works on everything from product design to software engineering. Before founding Bigscreen, he was cofounder and CEO of a developer tools (networking/streaming) startup (backed by Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Salesforce.com). He lives in Berkeley, California.

Chris Morris – Software Engineer
Chris works on graphics programming and low-level systems. He previously created Rove3D, a lightfield-based pathtracing rendering engine. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Paul Johnson – Software Engineer
Paul works on VR development in Unity. His prior VR projects, including work for the BBC, has been featured at Tribeca, Cannes, and Sundance. He lives in London, UK.

User love

"I love Bigscreen. I've logged 384 hours so far and use it every day."

"I was not expecting this to hit me this hard. My heart is still racing"
— ILikaDaPie

"Bigscreen is the most compelling VR experience I've had"
— Rurufu

"Last night I watched a TV show in Bigscreen, then was like "ok back to work" and got some done, but forgot I was in VR!"
Eric Florenzano

"Abrash's most desired killer app is a virtual workspace you can collaborate in. Bigscreen is doing that today."
— Amitt Mahajan

"Rather than meeting in person or a conference call, [the team] jumps into Bigscreen"
David Matthews

"The Bigscreen app for Oculus is seriously amazing. Why would I want to use my desktop without this headset on anymore?"
Howard Lo

"Bigscreen has so far been most amazing. Sitting next to 3 other ppl in virtual apartment, all sharing screens. Felt real!"
Mike LaPeter

"Just had a game design meeting in Bigscreen with my designer... Amazing technology"