Your own private cinema

Watch movies and TV with friends from around the world, in your own VR movie theater

1337 gaming

Play your favorite PC games on massive virtual screens

Instead of that tiny 13" laptop, play any game on massive, customizable screens. Wrap the virtual screen around you for a more immersive experience.

Go beyond Teamspeak

Have a virtual LAN party and play videogames with friends

Relive the good ol' days when you hung out with friends IRL and played videogames in the basement until 4AM. Screen cheat or strategize and play together!

Netflix & Chill

Watch movies in a virtual movie theater

Watch your favorite shows and movies with friends – from Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Plex, VLC, and more – in a cozy home theater or a massive IMAX-style cinema.

Work in VR

Collaborate in virtual meeting rooms with your coworkers

Instead of Skype, work with your team in virtual meeting rooms. It's like being together in an office, making remote teams more collaborative and productive.


Multiple Monitors

Surround yourself with up to 3 massive floating monitors.

Virtual Worlds

Teleport to dozens of places like a luxury apartment, campfire, theaters, and space!

Custom Avatars

Customize your style, with many options for your hair, skin, eyes, and more.

Private & Public Rooms

Hangout with friends, or meet new ones in public rooms. 1-4 players per room.

Voice Chat

Chat with your friends with high-quality positional VOIP.

Desktop Sharing

Look at each other's screens with desktop screensharing.


Supports Oculus Touch, Oculus Remote, HTC Vive, and Leap Motion.

Side-by-Side 3D

Watch 3D movies & play 3D games with 3D SBS or 3D OU

Coming Soon

Apps on GearVR, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream, and more!

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