BigScreen Your desktop in virtual reality, with friends

Play games on a big screen

Watch livestreams with friends

A 20-foot screen for your desktop

Ditch the 19" monitor. Everything from playing games to watching videos is better on a big screen. With BigScreen, your Windows desktop shows up on a huge 20-foot screen inside VR.

Movie night with friends

Netflix & chill in VR

Hangout with friends

BigScreen is a multiplayer experience, enabling you to play games in a virtual reality LAN party, watch movies with your buddies, collaborate together, or simply hangout!


See your friends' desktops on virtual monitors in the VR world

3D Voice Chat

Communicate with friends using incredibly realistic 3D Positional audio chat

Custom Avatars

See your friends and what they're looking at with synchronized heads

Cross Platform Support

BigScreen supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, enabling you to hangout with friends regardless of their VR device. BigScreen will also be on mobile VR devices soon.